Types of pool we build

Formal Pool

Formal Pools/Geometric Pools

Formal Pools are probably the most common concrete swimming pool design. This includes symmetrical shapes most commonly including rectangles, squares and semi circles.  The straight lines of a formal inground swimming pool suit most modern homes in Sydney and are perhaps the most common design used by landscape architects today.

These types of pools have straight lines and are more traditional in design and look.  These swimming pool designs are great for those with block size limitations in Sydney.

Indoor Pool

Indoor Pools

Indoor pools are great for all year round swimming.  These pools suit those looking for a therapy pool or exercise pool. Lap of Luxury Pools can work with your architect or existing structure to build your dream indoor pool.

Lap Pool

Lap Pools

Lap pools are generally longer and quite narrow and suit skinny blocks or individuals who are after a pool for fitness and fun! We are one of the leading builders of lap pools in Sydney.

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are usually small to medium in size. They are great for relaxing but are generally not big enough for swimming laps or for family/child activities. They are ideal for those with a small land size or those who don’t wish to have a full size pool.

Freeform Pool

Natural Freeform Pools

Freeform pools take the form of a pond and are popular on large acerage blocks in Sydney with bush outlook.  They include features such as natural rock surrounds and waterfalls and are designed to mimc the look of a tropical oasis.

Infinity Edge Pool

Vanishing Edge / Infinity Pool Designs

An infinity pool or vanishing edge pool (also know as a negative edge pool) is a swimming pool where the water flows over one or more edges, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary. This type of pool looks stunning when the water blends into the horizon. Such pools are often designed so that the edge appears to merge with a larger body of water such as the ocean, or with the sky.

These pools require an additional balance tank at the end of the wier wall of vanishing edge wall to capture the spill water and return to pool to maintain pool water level.

Rooftop Pool

Glass Wall Pool

If you have commanding views from high up, you may wish to incorporate a glass wall into your pool.  During the construction we will include a rebate to crane in a custom glass panel. Glass wall pools require expert engineering and specialist construction. Lap of Luxury Pools can provide you with advice and guidance including regulatory approval for your glass wall pool.


Swimming Pool Renovations

Got an old, outdated pool? Want to bring an older pool back to life with cutting edge style and modern features? Want to add a solar heating or cleaning system to an existing pool? We can give you professional, no obligation advice and outstanding service.


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