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Make cleaning your pool a breeze. Choosing the best pool cleaner for your budget.

So, you have decided that you want a concrete inground swimming pool. You have probably spent many hours trawling the internet to seek ideas about design and finishings for your dream swimming pool. Many people tend to overlook the various swimming pool cleaning options available to them.

Most pool companies will provide a basic swimming pool ‘handover kit’ which consists of essential pool cleaning items such as telescopic pole, brush, manual vacuum accessories and pool leaf rake. Manually vacuuming and scrubbing your pool can get a brilliant result but can take hours out of your weekend. Depending on how long you leave your pool unmaintained and the volume of leaf matter on the bottom of your pool, it could become a 2 person job.

Simple suction cleaners

The next most cost effective alternative is a simple suction operated pool floor cleaner like the traditional ‘kreepy crawly’ or the Zodiac G2 Disc Suction Pool Cleaner. These types of cleaners operate utilising the suction skimmer with a basic suction plate and hose. They are Australia’s favourite and most common option given that they are cost effective. Not only are they cost effective, they do a reasonable job of cleaning the bottom of the pool keeping self maintenance to a minimum.

The main issue that owners have with the suction cleaner system is that firstly they look unsightly in the pool. Given they run of the suction skimmer, most owners tend to keep them in the pool most of the time. The other issue is that given these systems use the skimmer for suction, the surface debris doesn’t effectively clear into the skimmer box for collection in the basket. The most notable pitfall is the lack of adequate cleaning of the pool walls.

Are there better pool cleaners?

Another popular pool cleaning option in Australia is the Jet-Vac. The Jet-Vac system has many advantages over the traditional suction cleaners on the market. The Jet-Vac is well known for its durability and reliability within the harsh Australian conditions. Unlike suction cleaners, the Jet-Vac system has an on-board debris collection bag. It doesn’t utilise the suction skimmer rather operates on ‘positive pressure’ and utilises a pressure or booster pump in order to be effective. Additionally, the Jet-Vac requires a dedicated plumbing line.

The Jet-Vac setup is more expensive than the traditional suction cleaners on the market given that it requires the Jet-Vac unit, a booster pump and additional plumbing. It is a far superior pool cleaning option to the basic suction cleaner.

The most common option that we provide to our customers is the latest range of Robotic Cleaners such as the Zodiac TX35 or the Trident rage of swimming pool cleaners. These cleaners are ultra light and compact and deliver and extreme clean of both the floor and walls of your pool. It is probably the most cost-effective way to ensure cleaning of the entire pool including floors, walls and waterline. Separately powered with on-board filtration, these units are compact and capable of scrubbing away dirt and debris. These units cost a little more than the traditional cleaning systems but are becoming the popular choice for pool owners.

Want the ultimate clean?

The ultimate in cleaning for your swimming pool is an in-floor cleaning system such as the Paramount in-floor. Paramount In-Floor cleaning and circulation systems work automatically to reduce maintenance time for your swimming pool and spas and maximize your enjoyment!
The patented pop up cleaning jets are nearly invisible, so you can avoid unsightly robotic cleaning devices and hoses in the pool as well avoiding the hassle of moving these bulky devices in and out of the water every time you want to swim. With a Paramount In-floor cleaning and circulation system your pool will always be “swim-ready”.

In-floor cleaning systems are quite costly, however it is a one-off capital outlay that could save time and money in the future.

At Lap of Luxury Pools we are happy to provide options and the best cleaning solutions for your pool.

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