Pool Excavation

We are the pool excavation experts

Pool excavation can be a technically challenging and dangerous job at times.

It is important to ensure that those who are tasked with the job have considerable experience in excavation in a variety of different conditions, including a variety of different inclines and soil types. At Lap of Luxury Pools, our pool excavation experts have been carrying out the job and more importantly, satisfying our clients for many years.

This is how we have managed to grow the business into what it is today.


The pool excavation process

It can vary depending on the conditions, though it usually follows the same general outline.

Firstly, our staff will remove all vegetation and plant matter, and any other debris that may be found. This is followed by a swift removal of topsoil and any clay materials that may be found lying just beneath the surface. After this has been achieved, then the real digging and pool excavation process begins.

Our expert team of pool excavators will then begin, with the help of modern tools and excavation machinery, remove the majority of the soil until they are 100% satisfied with the width, length and depth of the excavation.


It is important to be precise during this process as there are often unexpected occurrences such as shallower than expected rock shelves and piping that has not been described properly in the building plans.

Finding any of these materials below the surface of your property can be unexpected, although never insurmountable. Our pool excavation experts can then drill through any rock materials with precision, to achieve the exact excavation result that you desire. Once the excavation has been completed and checked thoroughly for long term stability and safety, then you will be able to commence the most exciting part of the process–installation of your brand new pool!

Pool Formwork And Steel Fixing

Our team of qualified Pool Formwork and steel reinforcing specialists are keen to take on any project or challenge. Lap of Luxury Pools have considerable expertise in forming, steel fixing and forming the concrete shell.

Pool Plumbing

If you require a pool plumbing service then call Lap of Luxury today. Pool plumbing can mean many different things, though our pool plumbers have experience in completing pool plumbing jobs in all types of situations.


If you would like a beautiful pool, then our experienced pool shotcrete team are confident in being able to you make that dream a reality.

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