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Selecting the right swimming pool design features, interior and latest technologies when creating your back yard oasis

Where do you start when it comes to designing your dream swimming pool? What size, shape and inclusions do you desire? Are you after a classic look or something a little more contemporary? What interior look and finish are you after?  Are you after complete pool automation? These are questions more and more Aussies are asking as they choose to invest in a concrete inground swimming pool.

At Lap of Luxury Pools, we understand that creating your dream concrete inground swimming pool is a very visual experience and aim to provide many options as part of the collaborative design process. Our design service can help you understand and consider all available options when designing your inground swimming pool.

There are many key elements to consider when designing a pool. Interior finish and colour, pool coping options, waterline tiles, decking and extended walkways, entertaining and building structures (such as cabanas), balustrading, water features, step design, spa integration, heating options (read more about pool heating here) levels of included equipment and swimming pool automation.

Size and shape

Shape, size and positioning are also key factors many owners need to consider when designing a concrete inground swimming pool for their back yard. Swimming Pools are an extension of the indoor and outdoor entertaining area and provide an aesthetically appealing element to your home. As part of the consultation process we provide ideas and plans of swimming pool design and location. We work with many landscapers and architects and can provide engineers and architects to help you achieve your dream result.

Water Features

Water Features incorporated into your pool design are a fantastic way to improve the visual appeal of your pool and make it look spectacular.  These can range from something incorporated into the pool like a spill edge or wet edge, perhaps a waterfall or spouts and water features integrated into the landscape design.  Even simple swimout steps can create a highlight and adds very little cost to the project.

To paint, pebble, tile or part-tile?

Interior colour finish is one of the most critical design design considerations.  At Lap of Luxury we provide two main options, Full Glass Mosaic tile/ceramic tile finished pool interior or custom glass beadcrete interior.  We believe that these are the best options on the market today.  We find that most customers can achieve the same desired look with custom glass beadcrete or pebblecrete and a drop face coping tile with a glass mosaic waterline tile at a fraction of the cost.  Fully tiling a swimming pool in glass mosaic tiles can add $10,000 or more to the overall price of your swimming pool due to material cost and additional labour costs.  On smaller swimming pools or spas, full tiling is a fantastic option.  On larger pools, the cost outweighs the benefits unless you have budgeted for a fully tiled pool.

Pool automation technology

Pool automation has come a long way in recent years, making it easier to control all aspects of your swimming pool remotely via an LCD touch screen interface.  Products such as the Viron Connect 10 from Astral Pools allows for automation of your lighting, pool balancing and chemistry, heating, cleaning and much more.  With the internet gateway optioned in, you can control these elements from your smartphone via the available customised app from anywhere around the world. It makes a fantastic addition and experience for a those creating their dream swimming pool.

Our experts at Lap of Luxury Pools can provide more information on the main design considerations and would love the opportunity to help bring your ideas to reality. Contact us today.

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