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Pool heating options are plentiful. If you have an existing pool or are looking to build a new pool, there are plenty of choices available to keep the pool water at optimum temperature to extend the swimming season for as long as possible. There are 4 main options that are available to choose from each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Solar Pool Heating your Swimming Pool in Sydney

The most popular choice of heating for home owners building a swimming pool in Sydney is Solar Heating.  Swimming Pool Solar heating is an array of solar collectors that allow water to circulate through and be heated by the sun.  These Solar collectors are generally made from black rubber and are connected to PVC manifolds that allow the cooler pool water to be pumped from the pool, through the solar collectors to be heated and then allowing the warm water to return to the pool.  The heat and pump is controlled by a thermostat which allows the swimming pool owner to control the temperature of the pool water.

Given that Solar Heating generates heat from the power of the sun, it is an extremely cost effective method for heating your swimming pool.  Other than the initial outlay for the equipment and installation, the running cost is essentially limited the run time of the pump required to circulate the water through the solar collectors.

The key considerations when selecting solar heating as the preferred method for heating your swimming pool are

  1. Orientation of the roof solar collectors – In Australia the preferred collector orientation is North to capture full sun for as long as possible
  2. When the sun is shining the water will warm up – On overcast days or during the autumn and winter months, solar heating will not be as effective then on a warm spring day or in summer. Solar heating will extend the use of your pool by keeping the water temperature at a comfortable level for approximately 1 to 2 months either side of peak swimming season.
  3. The size of the pool – the bigger the pool, the more roof area is required to effectively warm the pool using Solar Heating


Gas Swimming Pool Heating for your Spa or smaller swimming pool

Let’s just start by saying that Gas Heating is ideal for a smaller swimming pool or a spa and are a extremely fast at heating your spa or swimming pool.  The costs associated with heating a larger pool with a gas pool heater would be extreme therefore eliminating gas heating as a viable option.

Gas heating can be used as a booster for other forms of heating such as Solar and therefore if used in conjunction with Solar could be a good option for small or larger pools.

Gas heaters are extremely costly to run and are not environmentally friendly.  The purchase and installation costs are generally higher as are the maintenance and replacement costs.


Electric Heat Pumps are a great option for those building a Swimming Pool in Sydney

Electric Heat Pumps extracts latent heat from the surrounding air, intensifies it and transfers it to your swimming pool – and cost very little to run.   They require a power source and depending on the size require 240volts or 3 phase.

Electric heat pumps have a lower cost to operate when compared to gas and are considered an environmentally friendly option.  Given that these are powered by electricity, the rising cost of electricity in Sydney would be a factor.  The initial outlay for a heat pump can be quite high.

The units are a popular option for those building swimming pools in Sydney are at Lap of Luxury Pools we install many units for our customers.

The key considerations when selecting an Electric Heat Pump as an option for heating your swimming pool are:

  1. Is it the primary heating method or will it be complimenting Solar Heating
  2. The size of the pool and therefore the volume of water will determine the size of the heatpump (in kW) required
  3. The cost of electricity being the main running cost for the unit.

Don’t rule out the Solar Pool Cover as a viable option

I am going to start by saying that a solar pool cover is probably the most effective option with more than just one benefit – particularly those that have problems with the dreaded Wood Ducks in Sydney.

Solar Pool Covers are a fantastic option as they are:

  • inexpensive to purchase,
  • cost nothing to operate,
  • keep the water warmer,
  • minimise water evapouration
  • Keep the pesky ducks out of the pool

Combined with other heating methods, can be the most effecting combination.  Manual rollup solar pool covers can take some time to roll out and roll up and automatic solutions are generally very costly.

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